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Urban / Street / People / documentary photographer working in the UK.

Anything and everything that passes in front of my lens is a subject.

I am currently working on serious social issues which some may find upsetting or unsettling. I make no apologies if you are upset.

Blame society, not me.

This site is slowly evolving into written texts over photography. It is just the nature of the beast that I am…  Photography can only say so much…


I am currently running an investigation into the way universities are run. Are they legitimately run for the “advancement” of education, or are they simply big business grabbing the money offered up in lucrative student grants and loans?

I recently completed my degree at a South West University, and to be honest, I was shocked at the way it was run.

I’m now putting out feelers for current or past students of universities (Particularly in the “Arts” faculties) to come forward with their stories.