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The things I shoot: People.

You’re an interesting lot, and in your natural habitat, you are fair game for my camera.

The things I shoot: Places.

I travel all over the country shooting places. Watch out, I may be in your neighbourhood soon.

The things I shoot: Abstracts.

My eye is drawn to the obtuse and abstract...

Welcome to my eclectic look at urban life…

Coming Soon: Skookian - People Watching...

Available on the Kindle, a photographic adventure on the Streets of Somerset and beyond…

Provisional publishing date:

31st Jan 2016


Urban / Street / People / landscape / documentary photographer working in the UK.

Anything and everything that passes in front of my lens is a subject.

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Did I shoot you?

If you recognise yourself in one of the shots on here, drop me an email, or FaceBook me with a photo of you (To prove you really are who you say you are,) and I’ll send you an 8”x12” hi-res image of the shot.

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